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teens and how long the cold will stick around. >> deadly shooting on a busy california interstate with the suspect shot by officers and the crime he was wanted for in the bay area. >> in benicia, fire ripped through a couple's hope and a strange are made sure they got out safely. >> thank you for joining us at 6:00. >> as promised, it is colder this morning than yesterday. here is our moot -- meteorologist. the freeze warning extended into tomorrow. temperatures have dropped. the wind chill is in the teens. napa is 19. it feels like it is 17. 42 in san francisco. 25 in novato and below freezing in fremont and san jose. pacifica is at 31. half moon bay is at 37. and 28 in livermore.
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we are looking at coldest mornings all season. through the day at the coast, numbers will be near 50 in the afternoon. around the bay, same story, upper 40's to near 50 starting out below freezing. inland you have time to recover. at 4:00, the temperature is only 48. leyla gulen, any going on? >> there was an accident westbound along 80 headed into richmond and the accident has actually cleared. we had a lane blocked but it caused the backup with red there behind it so everything is over to the shoulder but we are still looking at a delay up to the hoffman split. the maze is starting to load up and looking clogged approaching the bay bridge. as we head to drive time traffic 44 minutes from tracy to dublin and highway 4 is filling out at 26 minutes from antioch to concord and 101 is clear from
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san rafael to san francisco. >> we following breaking news in stockton. multiple law enforcement agencies are on the scene of a shooting for a man wanted in an attempted homicide. the suspect was shot and killed by an officer after he refused to put down a knife. this started as a chase on interstate five in stockton. >> we got to the freeway and the suspect's vehicle was disabled and he calm out yielding a knife and an officer fired the weapon, striking the suspect one time. the suspect was transported to a hospital where he died from the injuries. >> the suspect was wanted on domestic violence charges. part of southbound interstate 50 is now closed. >> in benicia officials are investigating the cause of an early morning house fire that sent an elderly couple to the hospital at 2:00 a.m. at the
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home. a newspaper delivery person smelled smoke and called the fire department. the couple and a dog were pulled from the home safely and taken to the hospital in serious condition. thing do is okay. >> the red cross has been called to an apartment fire in san lenadro where fire has displaced 50 people. it break out an hour ago and officials say an electrical malfunction between the walls of the first floor unit is to blame. one person is being treated. the high school is used to shelter the residented. a news crew is headed that way with an update when they arrive. >> the cold snap, frigid temperatures are gripping the north bay, south bay and east bay. our reporter is in san jose with the conditions there. matt? >> i checked the temperatures here in san jose and the national weather service is reporting that it is 30 degrees right now, a degree less than an hour ago and we are a degree
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away from tying a 41-year-old record. people have been dealing with the freezing temperatures this morning bundled up in the warmest clothes. some are waiting until the train or bus arrives and one man said how he prepared. >> footies. fingerless gloves so i can mess with my phone. >> are you advised we could break a record? >> not at all. it is chilly. i'm from the midwest and used to this. >> we went by southern lumber at 4:00 this morning and this is not an official weather gauge but it gives a good idea how cold it is, it read 27 degrees and the official reading in san jose comes from the airport and the record low of 29 for december 5 took place in 1972 with the freeze wanting in effect this morning and it is expected to last through tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. so people will, again, bundle up to
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get on the train. >> winter weather is felt in other parts of the cup. look at snowplows in minnesota with 3' of snow causing huge headaches for the drivers. troopers say they spended to hundreds of crashes and spinouts. >> you can download the weather app for the weather alerts, radar and hourly temperature forecast and it is free at >> if you go to a fast food restaurant in the bay area, you could encounter more workers outside than need. there is a one day forecast over wages. we katie? >> protests just starting to get underway in southern california.
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we watching people come and go and sweat shirts are handed out and a man has a bullhorn. in new york workers have been at it for hours. >> you heard that as the day rolls out fast food employees in 100 cities will walk off the job of the workers in manhattan began the protest at 6:30. events are planned at lunch at some mcdonald's in san jose, oakland, and antioch. workers are asking for more money, a minimum wage of $15. that wage now is $7.25. that is $15,000 for a full time employees which is not enough. >> until we lit -- lift the workers up there is not a true recovery from the greatest recession since the depression. >> if the minimum wage goes up to $15 an hour food prices will go up and there will be fewer
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jobs. last month, rebound said he would back a senate measure to raise the minimum wage not to $15 but to $10.10 an hour. san francisco and san jose already pay $10 or more an hour on average. on average they make $9 an hour. >> governor brown hold as strong advantage over potential g.o.p. challengers headed into the election. the poll shows brown leads g.o.p. with 52 percent of support from california voters. the next closest candidate is former lt. governor with 11 percent. the governor has not officially announced whether he plans on running for re-election but he is widely expected to run. >> very cold out there this morning. lisa? >> good morning, we have dropped to 19 degrees in napa with san
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francisco at 42 and freeze warning through tomorrow with san francisco milder but pacifica is in the low 30's and freezing temperatures from hair, mountain view, san carlos and below freezing in san jose and fremont. san ramon, livermore, 25 and 28. today, the coldest morning by far all across the bay area and we will see temperatures stay in the 30's with morning lows tomorrow a few degrees warmer but, city, in the 20's inland and near freezing around the bay and saturday morning we will have a winter mention with higher elevation snow an the bay and the weekend, not were of a warm-up. >> we have a brand new problem northbound 280 at ray street you will find on the shoulder, involving a big rig and a vehicle and it is not causing any delays southbound along 280 closer to the 280 split, you are in go shape but it looks like 101 is loading up away from
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280/680 much the accident is cleared but there is enough slowing westbound 80 involving a couple of vehicles and everyone is off the freeway but now it is going to take 14 minutes away from highway 4 to the hoffman split. >> a super bowl sell out the staggering amount commercials are selling for at big government. >> trouble in toronto, the mayor who admitted to smoking crack caught to a possible bribery scheme and what he pay have hoped a car and $5,000 would get him. >> amy robach story back at work and talking about her battle with breast cancer. >> we want to see how the freezing cold is affecting you this morning with your photos and videos e-mailed to
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those who'vd ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all bay
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area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 6:13. >> right now this is a picture from los angeles of the fast food workers staging the one day walkout to protest low wages nationwide at fast food praises urging $15 an hour pay. you will see the rallies in san jose, oakland, and antioch. >> if canada, trouble for embattled toronto mayor rob ford. he may is offered $5,000 and a car to suspected drug dealers in exchange for a tape or recording that shows him smoking crack. the information is contained in police wiretaps of gang members. on one wiretap a gang member is heard saying rob ford was smoking his rocks today and the video never surfaced but the toronto star reports that police did recover a copy of it from a laptop.
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>> commercial type for the super bowl is sold out. fox executives say the demand for the ads are strong with car companies getting back into the game. experts say fox is charging $4 million if each 30-second spot and there are indications some people are paying between $4 million and $4.5 million for 30 seconds. it is believed the strong sales are tied to the game being played in new york for the first time. the super bowl is played in february in new jersey. >> the agency that oversees development in the san francisco bay has launched a formal investigation into google's secret barge at treasure island. reuterss is reporting that agency is looking into which permits are necessary to build the barge and what the owners of the pier have the proper permits the san francisco bay commission was notified they were making changes to the design. early this week the chronicle reports the barge is the first
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of three floating retail stores for launching the google glass eyewear next year. in new york city, the rockefeller christmas tree is sighting brightly. the 12 ton tree features 45,000 l.e.d. lights and will be on display until john -- jan 7 and then used for humber for habitat for human text amy robach is back on america after treatment for breast cancer receiving a warm welcome from the "good morning america" team and learned about her cancer in october after undergoing a ma'am -- a mammogram on tv and now talks about this in "people" magazine which helps the newsstands tomorrow.
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>> i made the close for a double mastectomy and it felt like the right choice because they found another tumor but they saw problems in my left breast as well, that looked hike it was going to be a problem her on. >> wow. we didn't know about that before. she will begin chemo in two weeks but a lot of people had it harder than her and she days it hour by hour. we will hear more from amy at 7:00 on "good morning america" after the morning news. >> now the weather. >> in a word: cold. >> freezing. >> you have some teens? >> that is right. napa is down to 19. plenty of reports have been shattered. it is quiet. there is nothing out this. that is why we are losing any heat we had year. in clouds. a puff of wind in san francisco. you are up to 37 degrees at the airport.
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the trees warning through 9:00 on friday and the sub-freezing temperatures again overnight tonight and outside the window you can see the beginning of daylight and sun is not coming up until 7:10 and san francisco stayed in the low 40's and freezing in oakland and below that on the peninsula, 30 degrees in los gatos and pacifica is low 30's but half moon bay is at 37. those very, very frosty wind chills and ice to scrape. 26 in santa rosa, 19 in napa with low 20's and forwards conquer, and livermore, in the upper 20's and you have to get down to 24 in concord do break that record. the highlights she plenty of sunshine but not helping us to a warmup that much and we will only be in the upper 40's and the weather system heads our way to bring a winter mix on friday into saturday morning.
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here is the cold air. there is the next weathers maker. we will look for temperatures to be as cold tomorrow but with the cloud cover, that is nut going to happen until mid-morning so overnight we are clear and chilly and making united states in the low 20's with cloud cover to the mid-20's on 30's but not much warmer until the middle of next week. it will take some time. here is the low, not a lot of rain associated with it at quarter of an inch and showers at 11:00 in the north bay through the afternoon commute and the higher elevates will see a winter mix gone by the weekend and the west slope of the sierra, it will be difficult to get there with up to a foot getting to the sierra. still, nice, and we need it: 49 in palo alto. 48 in san jose. still cold. until next week. leyla gulen?
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>> chilly. we have a couple problems in the traffic department the southbound 880, two lanes are blocked. they exchanging information. that is leaving backup coming away from hayward away from 238. we have pressure caused there along northbound 238 through castro valley. in san jose, northbound along 280 we have an accident involving a vehicle and big rig on the shoulder and not causing slowing. eastbound 580 to big rigs got in a fender bender at the scale and it is not causing delays because that is on the shoulder. over the altamont pass, westbound direction, from tracy to dublin, it is slow and go and bumper-to-bumper traffic into dublin. >> bart riders could pay more to ride the rails in the new year.
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and now a check with what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> a good thursday morning to you both and all of you in the bay area. this morning we have a lot on the show including a story that touched even the west the big chill, the coldest air masses in decades, really, hitting half the country from northwest to the southeast with latest on the conditions this morning. joining us this morning is great news for our family, amy robach with us and great to see her and spend some time with her the he is next on "good morning america" next. >> that is in 37 minutes. jewelry is always popular an the holidays but it can be hard to tell what is real from what and fake. >> "consumer reports" partnered with "seven on your side" to reveal tips for a good deal.
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the top stories are ahead including breaking news from stick ton and a deadly shooting involving the highway patrol and the driver from san jose with a crime the driver was wanted and why the officers opened fire. >> in san jose, we are close to a record low temperature in the south bay as people head to work dealing with the freezing temperatures. >> it is 30 degrees in san jose. many of the reports have been shattered. it is 19 in napa. 32 in oakland. >> in the traffic center, watch out for frost on the roads. the toll plaza is looking busy with a couple of problems that could affect the ♪ i love it! ♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪
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visit to find a sleep number store near you. ♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, a gorgeous blue sky and sunrise in the east and what you cannot see it is how cold it is, we have
6:30 am
temperatures in the teens in some places. thank's joining us with the warm thoughts. >> it is cold now with the higher elevations but the next 24 hours it could be snowing. >> we will find out more from lisa. >> good morning, we will have clouds entering the picture tomorrow but too late to insulate us so that is why the trees warning is extended until friday morning: 19 in napa, shattering records from napa to santa rosa and close in oakland and san jose at 30 degrees and mid-20's in the san ramon valley and on the coast in the upper 30's. it is freezeing. give yourself some extra time from san francisco and the east bay and san jose, the forecast culls for the freezing temperatures through 7:00 and
6:31 am
around 50 at coast and around the bay we are looking at numbers from the 30'ss finally in the 40's by noon, and fairly uniform here, too, as well, and leyla gulen has been looking at the roadways and black ice. >> that is right. it sound like the first accident because of the weather as we take you to san bruno traveling along 280, a solo peck spinout at crystal springs and we are in the upper 30's to watch out for that with c.h.p. advising folk on the roads to watch out for the possibility of frost on the friends or the bridges. in hayward, the crash is blocking two lanes and bringing the speed down to 28 miles per hour. we are backed trip 238 and a look at the terrorism time southbound along 680 not too bad, just a buildup as you get closer to the 24 junction. >> we following breaking news great stockton.
6:32 am
several law enforcement agencies are on the scene of an officer involved shooting on interstate 5. police say a man wanted in the bay area on attempted murder charges was shot and killed by an officer after refusing to put down a knife. these are pictures of the scene along interstate 5 in the stockton area. katie marzullo is gathering new details and we will have an update in a few minutes. >> back to other breaking news story from san leandro the red cross is on the scene of an apartment fire that has displaced 50 people. any fires think it started in a bathroom on the first floor unit looking at electrical malfunction as a possible cause. one person is treated for injuries. san lenadro high school is used to shelter the residents. >> perform doing in a napa restaurant were forced to evacuate after a fire broke out last night that happened on 1st street in downtown napa at
6:33 am
9:30. the customers and staff get out safely. investigators say it appears the construction crews working on the roof may have sparked the fire. >> the freeze is a shock to people in the south bay used to milder weather and men have been preparing for the temperatures. matt keller is in san jose with that story. what do you see, matt? >> people are bundled up when they get on the train from the platform outside. i checked the temperature here in san jose and we at 30 degrees which is a degree above the record for lowest temperature on december 5th and it could be colder where you are, at southern lumber at 4:00 am, this is not an official weather gauge but it read 27 degrees and the official reading in san jose comes from the airport and people taking caltrain or the bus in downtown san jose bundled up and a man had perspective on the freezing temperatures.
6:34 am
>> i put blankets on the plants to be warm. i dressed in layers and i feel good. i'm lucky. not one of the homeless sleeping out in the cold. >> the freeze warning is in effect this morning and will last through tomorrow morning. some people told us they did not see as much frost this morning as they did yesterday although it is colder this or than yesterday. we a woman just arrived here in san jose from hawaii and she says it was 86 degrees yesterday in hawaii before she left. >> this morning many have trouble getting out of bed to go to work knowing what is in store. in walnut creek temperatures are in the 20's. some say getting to the bus station was tough in the bitter cold. >> i am four blocks arm and it was miserable walk especially lately but we need the rain.
6:35 am
i want it to snow. it would be nice to get precipitation. other than that, all good. >> a woman says she is bundled up with four layers of clothing and was still freezing. >> for the latest on the weather changes you can download the abc7 news weather app with severe weather alerts and radar and hourly temperature forecasts. it is free eight h at >> meeting of bart could determine how much you will pay to ride in the future including increasing the minimum fare to $2 and extending youth discount to youth up to age 17 and increasing the senior discount for riders over the age of 65. fares go up 5 percent january 1 which is 18 cents for each round trip ticket. >> board board will be briefed about year's train breakdown
6:36 am
with a short circuit made the emergency brakes light up on a train headed through the tunnel between the rockridge and orinda station. nine passengers went to the hospital for breathing problems. the malfunction sent brake dusts which passengers thought was smoke into the included cars. authors in idaho are waiting to see if the weather clears to resume the search for a missing plane carrying a bay area family. s veal executive dale smith's small plane disappeared on sunday while taking two children and their significant others from oregon to montana. a weak emergency beacon was discovered monday but it has since disappeared. family and friends know after several nights in subzero temperatures time is of thes education. >> our hearts are breaking. we want our family back. >> we continue to hope for a
6:37 am
miracle. >> smith is an experienced pilot. >> it is now 6:36. tips for jesus and we know the likely identity the -- of jesus. >> from our camera looking across the bay, it is very cold out there this morning with record lows this some places. traffic and weather together next as the morning news
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>> good morning, we have freezing temperatures, sub-freezing temperatures across the bay area with upper 30's on the coast and listennive reports in jeopardy around the bay this morning. we are colder than we were yesterday by 17 degrees in napa. we gained a degree at the airport. it was 36 and now it is 37. we are looking at numbers to continue to drop after sunrise at 7:10. from the north bay, the city potentially into the east bay and, also, livermore in the upper 20's so bundle up, give yourself extra time if you are driving out there and watch out
6:41 am
for the black ice. >> exactly. that is behalf we have in san bruno to crystal springs before you get to 380, this is due to black ice and caltran is out there and they put down flares and a lane is being blocked. drive time traffic isbly difficult at 48 minutes to head from tracy to dublin and now it is 35 minutes along highway 4 but 101 is strong at under 20 minutes from san rafael to san francisco. >> thank you, leyla gulen the. >> new details of the person who is threing big tips at restaurants, happening for weeks now. last month a customer at a steakhouse in san francisco left a $1,500 tip signedcy blip -- signed "tips for jesus."
6:42 am
it is a former vice president for pay pal. he cashed out for will months. he has not confirmed the report. >> the bony car is reinvented with just released images of the all new ford mustang. >> new details on the death of "fast and furious" star paul walker and the reason it will be weeks before we know for certain the cause of death for the actor. >> breaking news, a driver is dead after a police officer opens fire and the crime that the driver was wanted for here in the bay erfect world every man wow! would look like jowow!tamos. and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too. wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. this really is too good to be true!
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dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. ♪ dannon.
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covering daly city, dublin/pleasanton, los gatos and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we are following breaking news in stockton where this has been a deadly officer-involved shooting the. >> it involves a suspect wanted for a crime in the bay area. katie marzullo has the details. katie? >> the man has not been identified. here is what we know. at 1:00 o'clock this morning, c.h.p. officers chased the suspect because he was wanted on an attempted homicide charge from san jose. at some point the car was disabled and the c.h.p. called the police for backup. here is what happens. >> he came from the vehicle yielding a knife and an officer
6:46 am
fired their weapon, striking the suspect, one time. >> the suspect died at hospital. no officers were hurt. the police say the suspect was wanted on domestic violence, as well. another note if you are headed to the stockton area be wanted: southbound i-5 before the exit is closing and could be closed for several hours as they investigate. now to los angeles, outside a mcdonald's restaurant you can see the pickup lines, folks are protesting the wages paid out by many restaurants, not just mcdonald's and they want federal minimum wage of $15 an hour and you will see some of the demonstrations here in the bay area, as well, at mcdonald's locations in san jose, oakland, vallejo and antioch. >> other breaking news an apartment fire displaced 50
6:47 am
people in san leandro. amy hollyfield is at the scene. >> they starting to let people back inside their apartments right now. just a few people are walking back into the building and able to go in and retrieve belongings and see how much is damned. not everyone is being let up because they want to check if carbon monoxide level to make sure it is safe. that will take a while. it is a large building. right now they are escorting a few people back inside. at first they asked 50 to evacuate and to come across the street and stay warm in the san leandro high school while they knocked off the fire which came in at 4:39 in san lenadro. they got it out at 5:30. it was isolated to the first floor and not too bad. they have one injuries. there are no details at this
6:48 am
point. we have heard of one injury. right new they are trying to figure out who they can allow back in. who will be able to stay here tonight. they do not think all 50 of the people will be displaced permanently. some can get in tonight. they will work on the cause. they say they are still investigating. they do not know the cause. they get it out at 5:30. >> there remains many unanswered questions surrounding the car crash that killed actor paul walker despite year's update from the los angeles coroner. the "los angeles times" reports it is several weeks before final autopsy report is released with the results of toxicologist tests pending. a report on whether the porsche was in some way out-of-control and the speed of the car before it crashed have yet to be shinned. tmz claims in us have a video
6:49 am
showing the car engulfed in flames as an image emerges and appears to fall. that is yet to be confirmed. >> locally, the top story is the weather and how cold it is. >> plenty of reports. north bay, oakland, san jose, live doppler 7 hd shows no cloud cover and that is why we are so cold this morning with a lack of wind. we will look for radar to get active by midday tomorrow as the weather system moves through the bay area and the freeze warning has been extended into tomorrow morning so tonight we will have the subfreezing temperatures and until 9:00 this morning it is going to be frosty. in gilroy we have a photo it was 21 degrees with ice on the car. give yourself extra time. it is 32 in oakland and san francisco is sitting at 41 with below freezing.
6:50 am
san jose needs only to be at 29 to tie a record and half moon bay is in the upper 30's but frosty in pacifica. we have been sitting at 19 in napa the past couple of hours and santa rosa at 26 and novato at 25. concord and livermore, you have to get into the mid-20's so not quite but it is cold enough. what a beautiful shot with the sun coming up at at at temperature change from the coast to the bay and, perhaps, a winter mix tomorrow. the cold air is in place. the low pressure is to the not of us. that will die down with not a lot of moisture but it could provide a snow mix as we get into the southern part of the viewing area. with the cloud cover, it is milder on saturday morning and
6:51 am
mid-30's but santa rosa is still freezing right through next week in the early morning hours. here is the precipitation that will move over midday tomorrow and we will look for the snow in the sierra which is good news and clearing conditions interest saturday. leyla gulen is here with a look at what is going on with the commute. >> few problems are popping up with a brand new accident is a solo vehicle crash at highway 84 if you are traveling along there from newark watch out for that much of it could slow things down. across the bay to 280 northbound a two-car crash is blocking one lane and just up ahead, want out for black ice, a car spun out and that because of black ice. caltran is out there with flares and blocked off a lane. as you continue along the roads, watch out for the black ice. >> trading is underway on wall
6:52 am
street and we will look at the big board. the dow is off 44 points and still under the 16,000 mark. >> new this morning, we have the first image of the new design for the mustang the first full redesign for the mustang since 2005 sitting lower and wider and the roof tapers dramatically. the model is open sale next month. we are teaming up with local feeding america food banks. you can help. take the pledge to "give where you live," we will donate a dollar in your honor to each pledge for feeding america's food banks up to $75,000. you could be rewarded: everyone is entered to win $7,000 cash with the winner announced december 19th. help us "give where you live." >> seven things to know before you go just ahead.
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as we hand things off to "good morning america" seven things to know before you go. number one, breaking news, a plan wanted for attempted homicide in san jose is dead after he was slot and killed by an officer in stockton on i-5. this is a picture of the scene on i-5 a lost police cars are still there, police say the suspect led the c.h.p. on a chase and got out of the car with a myself and shot after refusing to put it down. >> number two, a cold snap with the freeze warning in effect, and extended into tomorrow morning until 9:00. we have subfreezing temperatures and records and numbers right now in the teens around napa and it is freezing in oakland and san carlos and san jose and we will see temperatures struggle to make it into the upper 40's for highs. >> we three, the cold snap is
6:55 am
making it tough for commuters in walnut creek with some say it was tough getting to bart. a woman was bundled in four layers and still freezing. >> four, the red cross is helping 50 people displaced by an early morning fire in southland tremendous, these are pictures from the scene and one person is being treated for injuries and firefighters are investigating whether an electrical wiring malfunction is to blame. >> the commission that oversees development in san francisco bay has launched a formal investigation into google's secret barge at treasure island. according to reuters the agency is looking to which permits are necessary to build the barge and whether the owners have the proper permits. >> fast food work wees in los angeles walked off the job as part of a protest over wages, and only employees in 100 cities are expected to take part including some in the bear yeah -- bay area with the call for a
6:56 am
minimum wage raised to $15 an humidity black ice is reported on northbound 280 but the bay bridge toll plaza is busy away from the macarthur maze but we have brand new accident in san jose as we head south. this is along northbound highway 85. it is involves a motorcycle with heavy backup away from 87. >> bundle up. drive safe. we continue onlies on -- online, on facebook and twitter and all mobile devices. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. deep freeze. 23 states blasted by arctic cold. temperatures plunging way below zero. dangerous ice taking hold. teams of snowplows on the march. our extreme weather team is tracking the path of that polar express. decision day for a heisman hopeful. florida's attorney general, to announce whether star quarterback jameis winston will be charged with sexual assault. all coming as the florida state seminoles sit atop the college football rankings. new this morning, celebrity chef nigella lawson back on the stand. she revealed she did use cocaine but insists she does not have a drug problem. and what she claims really sparked these shocking images with her ex. get your motor running. it's the all-american car, hitting the road with a brand-new look. are you read

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